Composite Cards

Allsafe's PVC and PVC/Polyester Composite cards are the highest quality plastic cards. Our PVC and PVC/Poly Composite cards are compatible with all dye sublimation printers. These cards can be used to make: ID cards, gift cards, business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards - all types of cards with your dye sublimation printer.

Available Options

Size: CR50, CR79, CR80, CR90, CR100 (other custom sizes available).

Color: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Tan, Grey, Black, Gold, Silver, Copper.

Thickness: 10 mil, 14 mil, 20 mil, 24 mil, 30 mil (other custom thicknesses available).

Substrate: PVC, PVC/Polyester Composite

Printing: One color to four color process available in either offset or screen printing.


Safety Features

At Allsafe, security is of the utmost importance. As demands for higher security increase, we work to not only adhere to standards but also to find innovative solutions in protection. Allsafe offers:

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