Contactless Cards

Allsafe works to provide the industry with the latest and most secure in contactless card technology. We offer the market high-quality cards at a competitive price.

Contactless cards use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to transmit card information to the reader. This technology often eliminates the need to sign a receipt, input a personal identification number (PIN) or hand the card to the cashier thereby expediting the transaction for both the consumer and business. Since contactless cards can be equipped with a magnetic stripe, they can still be used in traditional swipe machines

Contactless smart card technology such as MIFARE® provides versatile interoperability and are contactless to the reader. The activation is passive and occurs by an antennae signal transmitting off the card to the reader. Read distances vary based on the type of reader.

Contactless technology is used in a variety of applications including:

Contactless smart card technology is used in various industries to offer customers increased convenience and speed when making purchases. Including:

Since cards are simply waived in front of a device to complete the transaction, they no longer have to leave the customers hands. This in turn offers a higher level of security and protection than what was previously available with traditional cards.

Contactless technology is significantly more secure. Microprocessor chips that decipher the encrypted information use the CPU of the chip to check and authenticate the messages. Duplication and data theft are prevented because every transaction is unique and signed digitally.

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