Proximity Cards

Recognized as the industry standard for physical access control, proximity cards provide a solution for seamless integration with access control systems. 125 kHz proximity cards provide an added level of access control system security by screening out unauthorized cards prior to sending card data to the host system.

USES: Identification cards, keycards, payment cards and public transit fare cards.

Allsafe Technologies has manufactured proximity cards since 1988. We have the ability to embed any type of chip and coil technology into our cards, keyfobs, clamshell cards and hangtags.

Our cards are compatible with many existing reader systems and can be made to any desired size or thickness. Our cards are compatible with any dye sublimation printer.

Allsafe incorporates advanced technologies embedded into our PVC or PVC/PET cards and Polyester Hangtags for many proximity reader brands using 125 kHz frequency.

Allsafe offers many options for proximity cards:

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