Magnetic Stripe Cards

A popular technology used worldwide is magnetic stripe. It is used on everything from credit cards to drivers licenses.

Card data can be encrypted on one, two or three of the tracks which are located on the magnetic stripe. Todays dye sublimation printers can encode and print cards in the same process. Magnetic stripe technology is recommended for low to moderate security levels. Typical applications would include membership cards, parking cards and gift cards. It can also be used with time and attendance or financial cards.

Allsafe Technologies offers magnetic stripe and debit stripe technology as an option on to PVC, Polyester Badges, Hang Tags and Laminating Pouches.

Single stripe or multiple stripes can be manufactured onto each card. Sizes we provide are:

The Oersted (Oe) (unit of resistance to the magnetic change) can be on any stripe:

Used in dining, vending or stored value cards, our debit stripes come in:

All stripes except for debit stripes can be encoded or programmed.

Stripe layout is:

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